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Standard Use Permissions

You may also use the ProQOL in for-profit settings such as a training course as long as the course is the item sold, not the ProQOL which may be used in the course. 

The ProQOL measure may be freely copied as long as (a) author is credited, (b) no changes are made other than those authorized below, and (c) it is not sold. You may substitute the appropriate target group for / [helper] / if that is not the best term. For example, if you are working with teachers, replace / [helper] /with teacher. Word changes may be made to any word in italicized square brackets to make the measure read more smoothly for a particular target group.

Additionally you are granted permission to convert the ProQOL into other formats such as a computerized or taped version for the visually impaired.
Permission to Use the ProQOL
If you would like to use the ProQOL: Compassion Satisfaction and Compassion Fatigue for the standard permissions are granted on the measure itself (see sidebar here). We understand that there are times when a formal permissions document is helpful or necessary. If you would like a formal permission to use from us, please complete the form below.  .
Item Wording Changes Most wording changes are options as specified on the measure itself. The term "helper" and "helping" are generic and may not fit with your organizational or ethno- cultural community. We invite you to use terms that fit better for you. Most alteratinos are quite simple. For example, "helper" might be changed to "teacher". Sometimes changes are more complicated and there may be more issues involved than the standard word substitution. In those cases, use the contact us form.
Permissions for Translations or Editing of Existing Translations If you would like to translate the ProQOL into a language other than English we are delighted help you. We will work with you to assist with understanding the intentions and nuances of items to help improve the translations. We request that you donate a copy of the translation so that others can use it. We recognize that translations improve over time. If you would like to refine an existing translation, or help update it from the ProOQL IV, we are pleased to work with you.

Other Permissions
If you would like to make changes other than those allowed under the standard use permissions or identified above, please use the contact us form and we will work with you to see how we can meet your needs and the statistical needs of the measure.

Permissions Request

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